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岘港(越南语:Đà Nẵng)是越南的第三大城市
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Travelling to Ha Long Bay via water

It is convenient for visitors to travel to Hạ Long Bay via water. Hòn Gai Port and the boat system in    Hạ Long Bay have the capacity to serve many visitors.


If visitors want to go to Hạ Long Bay by water, travel to Hải Phòng. At the Bính Ferry, there are passenger ships (Tel: (84-31) 842 927) to Hạ Long Bay (a 2 to 3-hour trip). Costs 45,000 VND for foreigner and 24,000 VND for Vietnamese.

Daily 4 ferries leave from the dock in Hòn Gai (Tel: (84-33) 825 187) for Hải Phòng.

    High speed hydrofoil:

Two high-speed hydrofoils run daily between Bãi Cháy and Móng Cái.

    - From Bãi Cháy depart at 8 am and 1 pm (at High-Speed Dock). It takes 15 minutes from Mũi Ngọc to Móng Cái Town by car.

    - From Móng Cái leave for Bãi Cháy at 9 am and 2 pm (at Mũi Ngọc Dock) and arrive in Bãi Cháy High-Speed Dock and Hòn Gai Dock.

 A journey in each direction takes about 2 hours, and costs 150,000 VND for foreigner and 100,000 VND for Vietnamese

Ticket booking office in Bãi Cháy, near Bãi Cháy Ferry on Hạ Long Road.
Tel: (84-33) 847 888 - 847 780

Besides that, hydrofoils run between:

- Hạ Long - Hải Phòng
- Hạ Long - Cát Bà
- Hải Phòng - Cát Bà

For more information you can contact with the ticket booking office.